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Hogs on Parade

This year the Hogs will participate in the Hillsborough Parade, sponsored by the Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce. We have reserved two spaces which means we will have a float as well as space for a limited number of persons to walk in the parade.

The float will is planned to be a moving hockey rink with a penalty box. We are planning a float decoration event. If you are interested, please contact Tom Deis (


Here is the link to the chamber of commerce site.


December 4th and the Parade starts around 4 PM and should complete around 6 PM. Participants will be expected to arrive earlier (estimated 2 hours early) and we will have more specific on that closer to the date.


Can I walk with my player?

Unfortunately we have limited space and want to make sure we can offer this event to as many players as possible.

Where/When do I drop off my player?

We don't have the specifics yet but will post when we have that information. Drop off will likely be around 2PM that day.

Where/When do I pick up my player?

It will be at the end of the parade and will have specifics closer to the event. We cannot provide a specific time. We can call parents as needed for pick up or ask kids to have their phones them (if applicable) to connect with parents.

Will there be a rain date?

The Chamber of Commerce will make that call. We won't know until closer to the date.